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Laugh Tracks and Laughter Ringtones

Ingenious Mix of Pure Laughter
Crazy Giggles is a collection of high quality and genuine laughter. Several tracks are truly original compositions -- there's nothing else like it on the entire Internet! We recorded all of it using a sophisticated equipment so we could offer you the best experience possible.

  • High Quality Sound
  • Carefully Selected Audio Clips
  • Amazing Genuine Laughter

It started as an experiment and it lasted for several years. Family members, friends, friends of friends and a great number of total strangers took part in this project. Yes! It has become a big project! Oh, God! You can probably imagine what kind of faces people made when they were told that we want to make a recording of them laughing. And although skeptics were always abundant it worked!

What you hear on these Crazy Giggles tracks probably represents only 1% of all the raw material we have accumulated. What you hear on the tracks is all natural laughter. It was captured at the stage where a particular person couldn't help it and just laughed uncontrollably!

We played several tracks to our children and every time they rolled on the floor laughing! What a bundle of fun for a dollar! - Tatyana

You will be pleasantly surprised when you hear an unusual sound of certain tracks. Plus, some people just laugh in such an interesting way it will make you smile, it will make you feel good! In fact very often you wouldn't be able to resist the urge and burst out with laughter yourself while listening.

holding mobile phone in his hand and laughing out loudSome of the tracks are simple sound loops of pure laughter. You can use them as cell phone ringtones and alert sounds

We also have several longer audio tracks. And those are really something unique! The idea was to create a composition similar to a symphony exclusively from pure laughter. Check out the track Fireworks, for instance. Ingeniously designed audio composition! Those laugh tracks were designed to uplift your spirit. And they will make you laugh. Guaranteed!

Laughter is universal! Everybody loves to laugh!

Listen to our Laugh Tracks in HeadphonesWant to enjoy our audio even more? Put your headphones on. Especially when listening to the track Fireworks. You will be amazed by what you are going to experience!


Awakened. So You Can Relax...
Also included in the album is a 15-minute meditation track called "Awakened" and it is truly an original piece of work. Large part of it was constructed with very soothing sounds produced by a tone generator. It's as pleasant as music only slightly different because those sounds also gently massage your ears.

Awakened. Meditation Track enjoyed in headphones by a stunning young woman.The sound is very soft and quiet on purpose and you need to listen to this audio piece in your headphones to get the best experience. "Awakened" is a perfect way to do any kind of meditation. It is particularly good for humming meditation and mindfulness mediation. Fresh experience with it is excellent for an ASMR session and may even induce in you an ecstatic trance or even an energy orgasm.


Tickle Your Funny Bone
You see that King on the album cover with the Jester puppet? The idea was that laughter can be easily triggered. If something is funny, you laugh! Right? Yes, it does work this way and the people whose voices you hear on the recordings are the proof.

All you need is to relax a bit and go into a playful mode. Allow yourself to laugh with people on the recording, don’t force it. And, before you notice you will be laughing uncontrollably yourself. The sound of pure laughter works better than funny faces or jokes. Let the sound tickle your ears. Enjoy yourself!

Natural High of Pure Laughter
What is a natural high, you may ask? Natural high is a euphoric or excited state of being, an extraordinary happy mood or being "high" that is not due to using drugs or another substance. When you accomplish something huge in life you may experience a natural high. But it can be caused by something really simple, like riding a bicycle.

Laughing is one of the purest forms of the natural high. When something is perceived as funny, when we start to laugh, the reward center of our brain is activated -- the same area that is activated during drugs-induced highs. Laughter releases the neurotransmitter dopamine, which serves as a reward for the brain and creates a sense of euphoria. But our brain knows how to balance a natural high. It's a safe high. No harm can be done to you emotionally or physically with this high. It's good for you!

You don't have to wait for something funny to happen. Put your headphones on and listen to one of our laugh tracks. Relax and go with the flow. Even if you only smile it will give you a natural high for a moment.

Beautiful young woman laughing in a euphoric state. Natural high of laughter.Try to remember the last time you had one of those uncontrollable outbursts of laughter. Imagine doing this again.

Sometimes even if you laugh just a little bit it will make you feel fantastically well. Imagine what kind of high you are going to get laughing your head off!

Sexy Laugh
Both sexes share same appreciation for a 'good sense of humor' in a potential mate. They differ though in what they mean by that. Women favor those men who can make them laugh, and men enjoy more the company of women that laugh at their jokes.

Laughter is one of those things that guys find sexy about girls that have nothing to do with how girls look. Ladies, your laugh doesn't have to be elaborate or anything special, because it is special already. Just a little giggle here and there, especially when you are relaxed, especially when you are pleased, and your man's heart is going to melt right on the spot.

Listen to the samples of our audio tracks 'Giggle Me' or 'Exquisite Delight', 'Tickle Me Too' or 'Squeal of Delight', and you will know in an instant why it's so easy to say to a woman : "the sexiest thing about you is your laughter..."

Crazy Giggles album is available around the globe in all major online stores that distribute audio products, including iTunes and Google Play.

Screen Shot. List of Tracks. Crazy Giggles Album.

Click on the black buttons to Preview All Tracks.

Get it on iTunes. Button.Get it on Google Play

Laugh Yourself Silly! It's Good for You!

Two Cute Laughing Girls. Laugh Yourself Silly! It's Good for You! Concept.

Featured Article

What is laughter? And why we laugh?
This article was written by Danielle Pen Cherryvaise, the author of "The First Law of Attraction" book exclusively for our website.

Have you ever considered the reason why we laugh? At times when somebody laughs you find yourself smiling or laughing too. What is laughter and why do we laugh?

...One day a friend of mine came to tell me something but instead of saying what she wanted to say she just started laughing and laughing and laughing. When she opened her mouth to speak, only laughter came out. As I watched her I couldn’t help myself. I started to laugh too. And you know what, we laughed so hard for a good five minutes. Finally, when the laughter subsided, I asked her: “What is it?”

The ridiculousness of that set us off again. How on earth did we laugh together so hard and all the time I actually didn’t know what I was laughing at! Even as I am writing this, I am in stitches of laughter! Oh my goodness! This thing called laughter! What is it?... Continues here...

Two Beautiful Sister Laughing Isolated on a White Background.

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Funny Noises in Laughter Therapy Exercises
Laughter is considered to be one of the best natural ways to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety. When you laugh, you produce not only a positive mental state for yourself but also get better on a biological level. Many scientists have known about the positive effects of laughter for a long time and they’ve always been encouraging patients to indulge in laughter as often as they can.

However, only rather recently have scientists and yoga specialists found out that involuntary laughter is not the only way to go in terms of getting rid of stress and anxiety. Laughter exercises are also a great way to get the same benefits as you get from involuntary laughter. Laughter is laughter, in the end, and it apparently doesn’t matter if you start laughing because of something really funny you saw or heard, or you get yourself laughing voluntary just because you want to laugh and you can, you will get the same result in your body and your mind. Read more here...

One of your ringtones is often on repeat on my iphone for hours - it makes my baby boy laugh till he starts to hiccup. He even learned to search for the album on my phone and play it all by himself =)

Thank you for this simple little joy! =) It definitely brings lots of laughter into our family! - Nina

The Benefits of Laughter
When we think about something that is good for us, we think spinach or tofu or something along that line. Let’s be absolutely honest here - we think of things that we don’t particularly like, or at least most of us don’t. But we like laughing, so how could that be good for us?

Close-up portrait of a beautiful laughing woman among fresh green apples.
a laugh a day

Well, this notion that things that we like are usually bad for us is the main one to blame. Sugar is bad for our teeth; watching television is bad for our sight; too much fast food is bad for our health; and the list goes on. And it’s a really long list. That’s why I’m particularly happy to say that laughter is an exception of this rule.

Laughter is good for you and fun. It has a lot of benefits, which we want to tell you about. Some of them you may already know or have experienced for yourself; others may be totally new to you... More here...


Love and Laughter
... Before love, we feel attraction. If you don’t agree, you might be a romantic poet lost in the wrong century. No, seriously, we have to call it as it is. Love at first sight happens only if the person you see seems attractive. You cannot see his or her thoughts; let’s be real. The physical traits of the person is what attracts us to them; the personality traits we get to know later make us stay with that person, or leave, either way.

Love and Laughter. Multi-ethnic couple listening to mp3 same player... Laughter is a thing that many people list in their descriptions of the person they love. And this comes as no surprise when we think about the effect laughter has on us humans (something we will get to in a bit). The interesting part here, however, is the fact that many don’t know where to place laughter as a person’s traits. Is it a physical trait or more of a personality feature of the person we love?

In order to further “investigate” what laughter means in terms of love, and why it’s so important for us humans to laugh and to love, we will take a look at some of the aspects of this phenomenon, and try to decipher how hearing someone’s laughter can make our hearts skip a beat. Continued here...

* * *

young laughing people looking out of white board with crazy giggles album cover image

Ingenious Mix of Pure Laughter!
There is simply nothing else like it on the entire Internet!

Click on the black buttons to Preview All Tracks.

Get it on iTunes. Button.Get it on Google Play

Laugh Yourself Silly! It's Good for You!

Grin. Crazy Giggles site and app icon

67 thoughts on “Laugh Tracks and Laughter Ringtones

  1. Owain

    What a great idea this is. I would love to use this for both a ringtone and a text tone. I understand that you need to buy from iTunes. Do you have any instructions on then how to make this a tone on your phone? I am pretty new to iPhones so any help would be great, thanks very much.

    1. zedoka

      Hello Owain! I'm happy you are interested! And, thank you for your question. Our tunes will work on Android devices just by downloading them. In iTunes though you need to know how to convert songs into ringtones. I know it may take a couple minutes of your time but it will also save you a couple of dollars should you decide to download the entire album. Here's the link from Apple discussions that explains how it is done:

      Find the song you want and note the start/stop time you want the ring tone.Right click - get info, click the Options tab and set the start/stop times as above.Right click - Create AAC version. This creates a new file.Drag this new file from the iTunes window to the desktop.Delete the file from iTunes and also select Delete from hard drive.On the desktop, rename the file whateveryouwant.m4r (first part you can change to whatever you want & change the extension to .m4r).Drag the file back to the iTunes library at top left.Make sure iTunes prefs > General has Tones ticked.

      Thank you again and enjoy our crazy giggles! Cheers,


  2. Blame

    I always wanted to find a soundtrack that will make my day better. This is exactly what I am looking for. I would love to try it out. The previous ringtones I have are usually music clips or some kind of movie theme songs.

    I will also give awakened a try because I usually have trouble relaxing I would love to relax a little bit and get rid of stress. Thank you for the information good read.

  3. Boss Body UK

    At first I was a sceptic. I then listened to the video that you have linked on this page, all of a sudden I found myself laughing a long too like a cray fool. It's amazing how contagious it is. This genuinely brightened my day. Thanks for such a crazy cool post :3

    1. zedoka

      Glad we made you laugh! Thank you for choosing to stop here and your cool comment!

  4. Varmstorng1291

    When I first landed on this site I started to just click the close button on the tab BUT I didn't LOL. After reading over some of the content and listening to the laughter in the videos It all made sense. This is definitely something different and unique and also helps bring on the rewarding, fullfilling, and stress relieving feelings that laughter makes us feel as humans. So I just want to say thank you for the laughs and great feelings you provide through your hard work as I also work with audio and creating high quality audio is not always an easy task.

    1. zedoka

      Thank you for your generous review of our site the product! It's so much more rewarding to hear the praise from a person who also works with sound as a professional!

  5. Anh Nguyen

    I came back to get the ringtones.

    These ringtones are pretty rad. It would be so funny to suddenly hear odd laughing sound when you are with friends! It's gonna be like a horror movie.

    It's so handy to have them on iTunes for my phone. 😉

    Thanks in advance.


    1. zedoka

      Hello Anh! I'm sure you are going to surprise your friends with our sounds of laughter. And, you all are going to have a good laugh together afterward!...

  6. Ruby

    Hello Zedoka,
    This is a unique post. I would never have thought of writing abut laughter. It's delightful and the sound of laughter is definitely appealing.
    I really like the comment about laughter activating the reward center of the brain. My research is about the brain so this comment is enlightning to me.
    Not only did you tells about laughter and exercises you showed us how to do it.
    I really like this post. I even laughted along with some of your videos.
    I love your colors. Thanks for sharing. Great Job.

    1. zedoka

      Hi Ruby! Thank you very much for your fantastic feedback! I'm glad you liked our audio and that it did what it suppose to do -- to make you laugh!

  7. Jeff

    I always like to laugh, but didn't realize all the insight that people have done around laughter. I knew laughter is infectious, but you have truly found a unique niche that you obviously are very passionate about. Keep up the great work, because I will be coming back for a good laugh.

    1. zedoka

      Hi Jeff! Your comment is one of the most precious so far - you've managed to recognize that there's something special in what we do. I cannot thank you enough for that.

  8. Steve

    You're page is great and really made me smile. I liked reading through your article and found it very informative. You really did a great job at explaining the different laugh tracks that are available. I will be returning to check back with what you have to add one day. Thanks!

    1. zedoka

      Hi Steve! Thank you for your kind words. Your comment is a great bonus for the weekend!

  9. Denise

    I read you title and started laughing even before I got the chance to read or listen to any of the tracts. Laughing is healthy and I enjoy laughing or watching others laugh.
    There will always be skeptics but the important thing is standing up for what you begin in. You have great laugh tracks. Thanks for making me laugh.

  10. Bonto

    Hello Zedoka! Great project there... In fact the Good book says a merry heart does good to the body as medicine and that has been proven by Science Also. Having those laughter sessions as Ringtones will be a good idea as it can invoke those merry moments that one requires for those great moods.. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anh Nguyen

    This is a crazy but fun idea to put laughters as your ringtone. I was wierded out at first but after listening to your tracks I can see why this is a good idea and how I may want one... Well maybe for special calls. It can be awkward when my phone accidentally rings during a meeting!

    I'll be checking out your collection now, that sexy laugh is pretty awesome. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. zedoka

      Hello Anh! I'm glad we managed to get you excited! I'm confident you will love using our ringtones too! Cheers!

  12. Jessica

    I think you are really on to something here, because it is so true that laughter is infectious and can really cheer you up.

    Some people have that big belly laugh that you really can't help but join in. I think this is a wonderful idea. I would have never thought about using it as a ringtone!

    1. zedoka

      Words like this is what keeps us going! Thank you very much, Jessica! Use the opportunity to get your free ringtones. See for yourself if it works. On a smart phone there's so many ways you can implement this idea. You could use the ringtones for a particular person or a specific activity. Who knows, maybe people start record themselves more and send each other their recorded voices to be used as ringtones. And, our smartphones are becoming smarter too. Maybe in the near future, just like with the emoticons, we will be able to preselect with what attitude we would want to ring in to anybody separately...

  13. Uzodinma

    Going through your site is fantastic. Laughter is what every human being crave ...even people who are sick and in the war zone. Laughter makes us healthy and keep our navies down. Is a great site you have here. Do you also engage in stage performance? How do people in Africa get to get your ringtones?

    1. zedoka

      Hi Uzodinma,

      Thank you for your kind words. One day, we may gather our people and participate in one of those laughter competitions. Fro now, we only have recorded laughter so you could enjoy it at home or take it with you anywhere you go and share. The Crazy Giggles album is available in online stores that distribute music throughout the world.

  14. Hannah

    This is such a unique and fascinating idea!

    Laughter is a great exercise. You can just tell by the way that your stomach hurts after you watch a funny movie.

    Just a simple concept yet highly effective and useful to those who need a pick me up.

    Thanks so much for this site, I wish you the best of luck in your project!

    1. zedoka

      Hi Hannah! That's a very precious feedback!

      Unless the guy is a pickup artist, if you happen to meet one who makes you laugh that's a good match. That probably means the guy really likes you and you have a good connection!

  15. Gloria

    This is such a unique idea. These would be great at parties for the kids and grownups alike. They would also be great for someone who is sick and could use some laughter in their life. I have also read about how people have cured themselves of cancer with nothing but watching stuff that makes them laugh.

  16. Adam

    You give the perfect combination for after work stress. We all know that laughter is the best medicine and then to combine that with the gentle relaxing music is great. The price of only a dollar sure beats the price for a script of xanex and better for you to.

  17. Hayden

    Such a nice site! I've heard that laughter helps you cure your emotions and diseases. Even intentional laughter helps you do that. I hear some doctors recommend their patients laugh on purpose all the time or watch comedies or funny movies or something like that. I've learned a lot from you too. thanks 🙂

    1. zedoka

      Thank you for your nice comment, Hayden!

      Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

  18. Lee

    Now that is a unique niche!! A very clever use of an abundant and free resource...laughter. I applaud the creativity and think you've got a site that crosses all socio-economic-gender-age boundaries with ease. I had a little trouble with the itunes link but i'm pretty sure it was me. I think it would help a little if some of the sound samples were direct link from the webpage rather than redirecting to itunes. Other than that, you did a great job with the layout and theme with lots of laugh-related content. I liked it alot and will pass it along. Best regards,

    1. zedoka

      Greetings Lee! Thank you for your kind words. The reason we redirect you to iTunes or Google Play is because that's where our album is hosted as well as in many other stores around the globe that distribute digital content.

      Most tracks are very short and fit into the 30-second sample. There you can listen to the audio and then buy the tracks you like. Very convenient, wouldn't you agree?

      Also, just like you did, our guests can fill the Sign Up form and receive some of the ringtones from the album for free.

  19. JeffWA

    Hi, Wow what a totally unique niche you have decided to pursue regarding laugh tracks and also their use as ringtones.

    Scientifically as well as medically it cannot be debated that laughter reduces stress in a human's body and in fact can be highly infectious when heard by others. I did play that video which showed different ways that people laugh. Unable to help myself, I started laughing as well.

    Great article and I wish all the best to you in turning this venture into a profitable online business!


    1. zedoka

      Hello Jeff! Thank you for your kind words and your wish of success to us!

      I first got an idea of recording laughter long time ago from an old movie where they played a vinyl disc on a gramophone with two clowns laughing. I actually thought their laughter was quite annoying. Since then I started to notice that there are people whose laughter is so pleasant and really contagious. I set myself a goal to find those people and record their laughter when it comes out the natural way.

  20. JammySammy

    When I came across your page, I did not think for a minute that I was going to find what I was looking for.

    The more I read about the mechanics of laughter the more I realized how true it is. Actually just hearing others laugh is enough to start laughing too.

    When I started to listen to the videos, a smile spread across my face, and before long I was chuckling to myself, just by hearing other people laughing!

    I never knew how simple it could be to be filled with laughter in a moment!


    1. zedoka

      JammySammy, you've made us happy! Just the way it supposed to be! Thank you very much!

    1. zedoka

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Therese!

      Thank you for Signing Up too. We'll be sending you our free laughter ringtones as promised. Please, check you junk mail folder in a day or two just in case, even legit e-mails end up getting there. Enjoy the laughter!

  21. Jackie

    Anytime I'm feeling down or beat up I listen to the laughter. It automatically puts me back in a better frame of mind. I can feel my mood lift and I can almost 'feel' my immune system saying "YES, thank you." Crazy Giggles is FUN! Even my grandson loves it! Laugher is good medicine!

  22. Roger A Ford

    LOL! Literally!

    What a fun design! You're website made me laugh even before I heard the tracks! And then, it got even funnier!

    I love the visuals. And very easy to read text (and font).

    I like how you used the colors to highlight text. It made the site visually attractive and easier to read.

    It's a simple site, if I'm correct. No blogs. Basically a sign up page for the product?...

    Looks great! I did leave a quick comment.

    Keep 'em laughing!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

    1. zedoka

      A big thank you for your feedback on the site itself, Roger. It definitely helps us improve our visitors' experience!

      The site is basically a landing page dedicated to promoting Crazy Giggles album. But the name Crazy Giggles is so versatile, and later we should be able to adapt this website to many different functions or activities.

  23. Roger

    Even the design of your website makes me laugh!

    So much fun!

    Thanks for thinking of this, and keeping the world laughing. As they say, "We all laugh in the same language!"

    Keep 'em coming!

    1. zedoka

      What a great comment! thank you, Roger! People like you make us keep going so we could keep 'em coming.

      Thank you for Signing Up too. We'll be sending you our free ringtones as promised. Please, check you junk mail folder in a day or two just in case, even legit e-mails end up getting there. Enjoy the laughter! Happy fishing, Roger!

  24. Mario

    You're right, it has been proved that laugther helps to avoid health issues and even improve your health, I love the fact that laughter is damn contagious, how many of us have laughed to other person's laugh, it's a great idea to play one of thiese tracks to start your day or when you are on a bad mood, thanks for the great information, cheers.

  25. troy

    I always say laughter is good for the soul. When negative situations are present in my life I have this habit of turning it into a laughing matter even though others might think otherwise. I just have to laugh during these times because when I do, that negative situation is suppressed giving me alot more peace and knowing that it is just a miner obstacle that well be overcomed.

    1. zedoka

      So true, Troy! Thank you.

      As soap is to the body, so laughter is to the soul. — A Jewish Proverb

  26. Ben


    As a comedian I probably don't have to stress how much I love laughter, if I didn't have laughter I don't know where I'd be.

    Whether it comes from a ringtone a friend or an audience I personally can't get enough, I kind of have a daily quota of how much I have to laugh and if getting a hilarious right tone is another way to crowbar some more laughter into my laugh then I'll do it.

    1. zedoka

      What a delight to hear this kind of words from a real comedian! Thank you very much, Ben!

      Here's a line about me I thought you could use: "I have the funniest ringtone on my phone but nobody ever calls me..."

  27. David

    Laughter is truly a gift that we all should take part in. Laughter takes away the sadness that might be inside of you and helps to heal any problems you might have within you.

    Very well written blog ... I really like the cell phone ringtones its great to hear laughter when someone calls you.

    I'm going to have to try some of your other products.

    Thank you for the wonderful reading!

    1. zedoka

      Thank you for your kind words and your words of wisdom, David. We will be happy to hear from you again soon when you try our products. Enjoy!

  28. Lucas

    Cool article. It seems to me that many people do not use ringtones anymore because most people leave their phones on vibrate. I know I do so that my phone won't go off unexpectedly in a situation where I wouldn't want it to. If I still had a basic phone I may use a ringtone though because the vibrations are very faint on those phones.

    1. zedoka

      Thank you, Lucas, for your cool comment! All we care about is how our laughter ringtones will make people vibrate... 😀

  29. tom

    Cool site I have to agree laughter is the best medicine I need to laugh more my self I think we all need more laughter in our life and your site will help bring that to the world thanks for the motivation and wish you all the best in the future.

    1. zedoka

      Thank you for your kind words and your wish, Tom. They say, even to the scientists, it's still a mystery how exactly laughter improves health. Who cares, right? We know that the more we laugh the better we feel. Another thing why laughter is important is because it's definitely improves the quality of our life.

  30. Nina

    One of your ringtones is often on repeat on my iphone for hours - it makes my baby boy laugh till he starts to hickup He even learned to search for the album on my phone and play it all by himself =) Thank you for this simple little joy! =) It definitely brings lots of laughter into our family!

    1. zedoka

      Comments like this are so precious to us! Thank you very much, Nina! We decided to feature your comment here on our front page. A comment like this is the best reward for all our efforts to make your life more interesting and to make you happy! And we are proud to see our album among the things that make you laugh!

  31. Tammy

    What a great site. We all need some laughter and I think this is a great idea. I never knew this kind of ringtone existed. My kids are going to love this so much. I have bookmarked your site so I can share with my friends. I get tired of a ringtone that is just a beep and i think others around me will find this very amusing when they hear my phone ring.

    1. zedoka

      What a great comment, Tammy! Thank you! We have one very funny baby laughing ringtone and kids respond the best to our laughter sounds.

  32. Derek Marshall

    HI there,

    Totally awesome, laughter therapy at it's best. Actually there is a form of therapy called risotherapy, which means laughter therapy.

    I use it all the time, I have my phone and many comedy things in it and youtube videos saved of funny moments that make me smile and laugh.

    1. zedoka

      Thank you for your awesome comment, Derek. Risotherapy it is. Hope that our therapeutic laughter ringtones and laugh tracks will add more power and fun to the rich arsenal you already have for your laughter therapy exercises.

  33. Matt

    They say that laughter is the best medicine so this sounds great!

    I like the fact that you can use the ringtones for pure entertainment purposes as well. I know what it feels like to hear someone else laughing and to break out in uncontrollable laughter!

    Here's to the spread of laughter with every call.

    1. zedoka

      Thank you for your lovely comment, Matt!

      I hope you are enjoying those free laughter ringtones we sent you.

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