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About Us

Crazy Giggles is the project we are working on at this moment. What is Crazy Giggles? It's an audio album, a compilation of high quality and original sounds of laughter. Several tracks are composed in a very unique way. There's nothing else like this anywhere. Period.

It's always Us when talking about this project simply because dozens of people have been involved in the production of this album over the years and continue to contribute in every way possible to make it a big success!

Let us know what you think, we will be happy to hear from you! Express yourself, please, any kind of feedback is useful for us.

For other communication purposes like business propositions or if you simply want to send us a funny ringtone, you can write to info@CrazyGiggles.US.

* * *

Kent Ross (Zedoka). Blue Grass. About Us Page Image.Hello to you who are there! My name is ROSS Kent Y, hence rossky, which is what you see on the cover of the audio album I have compiled. Most people call me Ross and zedoka is my most known nickname.

My major interest, at this stage of my life, is in body energetics and ecstasy inducing methods which stem from and always bring me back to spirituality. I have set myself a goal to learn to experience an intense pleasure and joy anytime at will. And, I wanted to be able to do that without help of any surrogate substances, or fixation on any particular deity, or the need to follow any dogmatic teaching.

Many of the things that I have discovered for myself are fairly easy to master because they are simple. I'm confident that most of them are very useful for anybody! Here's a quick example.

We often think that in order to feel good we need something, so we wait for something to happen...

And, only a few of us know that 'feeling good' can be achieved with a simple technique -- You don't ever need a reason to feel good. What a joyous discovery it can be for someone, right?

You can actually try it yourself right now...'s easy,

...just relax and start feeling good.

That's it. That's all you need.

Do it now again.

Just do it!

You see?

I will be happy to receive your suggestions or answer any questions that you may have. Just shoot me an e-mail.

Or, even better, let's connect on Facebook/KentRoss.US

Have a good one! Sincerely Yours,