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How to make her laugh

According to a lot of women, the first thing they want from their partner is for him to be able to make her smile. This comes as no surprise, giving that laughter and smiling are traits that are very appealing to most of us, not only women. However, since laughter and smiling can be triggered in many ways (and every one of us has a slightly different taste in humor) making someone smile comes down to being an art in knowing that person very well.

On the other hand, having a sense of humor before you get to know a person is often the first step towards building any relationship whatsoever. When a boy meets a girl and manages to make her smile on the first date, it often leads to affection far stronger than any physical traits could ever achieve.

Humor is a very strong tool in the dating process. When you make someone smile, it shows that you have a shared sense of humor or that at least you paid attention to what she likes and are able to play off of that to make her smile. Humor shows her that you are warm and that you have an intelligent side as well, thus making you a perfect candidate for dating. Yes, I said intelligent, because humor that makes her smile works only if you make her laugh at your jokes and remarks, not at you. So, no, it doesn’t count if you make her smile by falling down the stairs in the restaurant. Even so, laughter is contagious; for example, try listening to some of the tracks from our collection of Crazy Giggles and try not to laugh along!

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Everybody loves a good joke, so it comes as no surprise that humor can get you a long way in the dating world. However, sometimes jokes can be too aggressive if you want to make her smile. There are plenty of other ways to achieve the same thing in a more subtle way. We will list a few of them, and hope that you will utilize them in the way that makes dating a walk in the park (which, incidentally, is a great idea for a first date, especially if you’re low on cash).

Tell a joke

Yes, forget what I said before. Jokes are awesome. That is, as long as you know how to tell them. Think about innocent jokes and don’t tell her the dumb jokes you and your male friends tell each other when you’re drunk. Keep it classy and to a minimum. If the first joke is a hit, there is no reason to try to play it up. A bad joke will be remembered much longer than a dozen successful ones. So quit while you’re ahead.

Tease her

Another thing you can go easily overboard with is teasing her. A few innocent remarks about her may break the ice and get her to smile. However, if you’re not sure if she’s into this sort of thing and how far you can go with it, we would recommend to leave this for a later part in the dating process.

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Tease yourself

Teasing yourself over unimportant stuff is a great way to show self-confidence. Girls and women love when men have confidence, but remember: if you get to far with this, you may come off as someone who fishes for compliments and that is not confident at all, so watch out.

Compliment her

While we’re on compliments, throw some her way and see what happens. Everybody loves hearing something nice about themselves, so why not give her the pleasure? Don’t go too far into detail, stick to obvious things. If you know from her Facebook feed from two years ago that she used to have blond hair instead of the current dark, it’s not advised to let her know that you know that. Instead, try saying something along the line of: “I like your hair. I wonder what you would look like with blond hair.” This is not only a great way of giving her a compliment, but also giving her a reason to start leading the conversation.

Listen to her

And while we’re at conversation, let her talk. People love talking about themselves. If you’re a good listener, it shouldn’t be hard to listen to her and ask some questions. If she sees that you show genuine interest in her stories, she will have a constant smile on her face.

Learn what she likes and get into it

It’s very important to know her interests. Get yourself interested into the books, music, movies and other stuff she likes. Even if you don’t feel like it’s something for you, try it out. The effort alone will give her a reason to smile, if nothing else. In the best case scenario, you’ll find something of her interests interesting for yourself, giving you a common topic to talk and joke around.

sexy Santa Claus in red mufflerDon’t be afraid of going that extra mile for her

Girls love it when you put effort into getting to know her. This includes not only finding a shared interest, but also doing something for her you know she’d like but never would ask you for. I’m not saying you have to make a big romantic statement under her room window with a boom-box above your head in the middle of the rain (although I’m not saying not to do it). Consider what she likes and what would really amaze her, and then do it, even if it takes time out of your schedule.

Remember things she mentions for future birthday gifts

To a girl, there is nothing more intriguing about a man who, without letting her suspect a thing, buys the best birthday gifts. Be considerate and pay attention to what she likes or mentions, but don’t be too cocky about it or you’ll ruin the smoothness of the whole thing.


Girls are just like any other people; they like to be thought of; they like considerate men who are confident and intelligent. Give your best in these areas and she’ll smile a lot while she’s with you.

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