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Love and Laughter

A happy African American man and woman couple in their thirties sitting at home together cuddling and laughingWe cannot choose who to love. It just happens. What we can do is to analyze why we love someone. Sure, this analyzing is not something that should in any way be confused with rationalizing. Once we look at the aspects of the love we receive or we give to someone, we’re much closer to knowing what makes our hearts tick.

OK, by reading the paragraph above, some of you might already be thinking about the person you love. The thing you will first notice is that the answer to this question is extremely elusive and cannot be simply put into words. Most of us start off with naming the traits of the loved one’s personality; from there, we go on to physical details like their eye color, their nose, the way their hair curls, etc.

To not be too specific when analyzing someone’s appearance in order to define why we love him or her, we often think about the things that not many people notice right away about them. It takes a certain amount of intimacy in order to describe things other than pure physical appearance. However, as much as we would love to only be fascinated by someone’s inner personality, we’re living in a material world which means that loving someone entails also loving everything they’re made up of. This includes their outer beauty as well as their inner traits.

Laughter is a thing that many people list in their descriptions of the person they love. And this comes as no surprise when we think about the effect laughter has on us humans (something we will get to in a bit). The interesting part here, however, is the fact that many don’t know where to place laughter as a person’s traits. Is it a physical trait or more of a personality feature of the person we love?

In order to further “investigate” what laughter means in terms of love, and why it’s so important for us humans to laugh and to love, we will take a look at some of the aspects of this phenomenon, and try to decipher how hearing someone’s laughter can make our hearts skip a beat.Piggyback Fun and Laughter

Laughter is healthy

We’ve all heard this before - “laughter can prolong your life”; “laugh as much as you can”; and so on. Of course, laughter is important in the same amount as it is to cry or any other type of letting out the emotions brewing inside you. However, laughter has one very important aspect to it that makes it stand out from all the other types of emotional outbursts: it’s fun.

... laughter has one very important aspect to it that makes it stand out from all the other types of emotional outbursts: it’s fun.

Sure, crying can get you a long way in getting rid of the anxiety you’ve stacked inside yourself; that’s something nobody can deny. However, not many people find crying fun and something they would like to experience on a regular basis. Laughter, however, is a completely different story. Try this for size: try to remember the longest you went without laughing. If it’s more than two days, you either counted wrong or you really need to laugh more often.

Many people laugh a few times a day. And this comes as no surprise. When you’re laughing, regardless whether it’s at something really funny or just because you felt like laughing, you’re getting rid of stress and anxiety. And this is exactly why studies have come to the conclusion that laughter is good for you.

Health is attractive

Before love, we feel attraction. If you don’t agree, you might be a romantic poet lost in the wrong century. No, seriously, we have to call it as it is. Love at first sight happens only if the person you see seems attractive. You cannot see his or her thoughts; let’s be real. The physical traits of the person is what attracts us to them; the personality traits we get to know later make us stay with that person, or leave, either way.

Cheerful casual young couple using laptop in living room at homeSo, how does laughter fit in into this? Well, there is an instinctive drive in all of us that makes us seek healthy partners so that we can produce healthy offspring. Whoa!!! Offspring - I thought we were talking about the first steps here. Well, we are. Being attracted to someone is not something we choose; we’re born with it. It’s in our DNA. If you try to explain why you like a man’s abs and muscular body; or a woman’s full breasts and curves, you’ll not be able to put this into words. This is called instinct.

Our ancestors were always looking for healthy individuals for partners because of the offspring they are able to produce with them. Healthy bodies mean healthy offspring; as simple as that. If we now look at the premise of before, that laughter is healthy, we are a step closer towards understanding why a laugh can win our hearts over in a second.

Laughter is a physical and personality trait

Laughter is sound. Sound is a physical phenomenon. If laughter sounds nice, we are inclined to think the same about the person producing it. So, laughter is in many ways something that can get us attracted to someone we meet even for the first time.

However, laughter is also a mental process. If you’re standing in a group of 10 people and someone is telling a joke, and only you and one other person laughs while the others don’t find the joke funny at all, it means that you have a better connection to that person than to the rest. It’s not the fact that you particularly like that person’s laugh (the sound; the physical phenomenon), rather than the thing that triggered it (the joke; the shared sense of humor).

Laughter is universal, just like love

So, according to all of this, laughter is not only a physical phenomenon that lets you be attracted to someone, but it is also a personality trait that will let you fall in love with that person. Because of this, laughter is universal in its way of creating love between two people.

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