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Sexy Laugh

Everybody knows that many women have often stated that the most appealing thing in a man is their sense of humor. Sure, the kind of humor one is into can vary by a large portion, but, generally speaking, we humans like people who make us laugh. So, regardless if you’re a man or a woman, you feel a lot more at ease when you’re with someone who makes you laugh.

Studies have shown that a lot of people simply associate laughter with a non-threatening environment - that is to say, person. If he or she is funny and has a sense of humor that is close to our own, we find that person more appealing; as simple as that.

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Laughter is good for many things. You’ve probably heard about the saying that laughing prolongs your life by 10 minutes. Of course, this statement is a bit far-fetched and does not comply with real studies (which, by the way, are in no way able to prove the effects of laughter in such a precise fashion). However, laughter DOES relieve stress from our bodies. Even if the laughter is fake - that’s to say, if we’re not genuinely laughing at something funny we’ve heard or seen, the principle of stress relief still applies. That’s why there are so-called laughing groups or laughing therapies that indulge laughing as a way of meditation, so to say, which can help you with anxiety and stress. Have a listen to some of the tracks in our Crazy Giggles album, for example, and see if you don’t feel better.

So, from all we’ve listed here, we can come to the conclusion that laughter, although we may not know about it first hand, really is something that is not only a positive trait but is also good for your body. But there’s another aspect of laughter that needs to be addressed, and that’s the way we conceive it in terms of sexuality.

We’re genetically wired to find laughter attractive

Sexy young couple embracing having fun laughingHave you ever wondered why so many ancient art pieces depict women with curves and big buttocks? Or, for that matter, why do many men find these physical traits so appealing to this day? If you’re a man, try to answer that question and you’ll come to the conclusion that it is very hard to rationally explain why we find big breasts, buttocks and curves appealing.

You see, our ancestors were creatures of instinct and one of the most basic instincts of all living things is the drive for reproduction. When our ancestors saw women with the aforementioned features, they knew that in order for them to be so well-curved, they must be healthy. This means that the offspring from this women will be healthy as well.

Over centuries, we’ve started to concentrate on other things that appeal to us, but we still have this subconscious instinct that lets us feel attraction towards features of this kind. And, by the way, the same thing works the other way around. So men with a muscular physique represent the aspect in our genes that thinks about protecting offspring.

So, what does this have to do with laughing? Well, it’s basically the same thing. If our ancestors saw another person laugh, this meant that he wasn’t sad, or, in other words, that he or she didn’t have a reason to be sad. This means no sickness, no anxiety, no material trouble, etc. Laughter is just another signal our ancestors (and we too, to an extent) interpret as a sign of being well-off.

In that sense, just like we’re wired to find physical features attractive for no other apparent reason than pure instinct that stayed in our genes, laughter is a trait that makes men and women attractive in its own way.

Sexy woman’s laughter

sexy laughIn accordance with what we’ve just learned, you must think that there must be a certain difference between women’s laughter and men’s laughter, and you’re absolutely right. Just like it is with the physical traits of someone’s appearance, so can laughter be viewed as a specific kind of attractiveness.

Studies and polls have given us a glimpse at what kind of laughter men find most appealing in women. The studies suggest that a sexy woman's laughter is defined by a high-pitched voice that giggles in short intervals. Furthermore, men find it most appealing when a woman has a certain tenderness in the way she lets them see that she’s laughing. So, when a woman laughs and tries to cover it up by placing a hand to her mouth, the laugh becomes much more attractive to men.

Sexy man’s laughter

On the other side of the spectrum, we have men. If we remember what we said earlier, we could make the assumption that men laughing their asses off will get very good results with the ladies. However, this is in no way the case. Women have a very different understanding of a man’s sexy laughter.

A sexy man’s laughter is defined by confidence, so giggling like a boy who’s just seen someone fall down the stairs is not an option for men. A sexy man’s laughter is confident and very low-pitched; it requires a minimum of opening the mouth and no head shaking whatsoever. A man's laughter is sexy when it transmits a feeling of self-assurance, instead of silliness. This has to do with the way men were seen in the past. There was no time for laughing when you’re out there in the wild hunting. So, if you really had a reason to laugh, it would mean that you’re very good at what you’re doing and don’t need anybody’s approval.

Genuine laughter

In the end, I’d like to point out that these types of sexy laughter are not rules you should follow rather than scientific definitions that can help you adjust the way you project yourself to the world. Scientific studies and polls can show you what is usually found to be sexy by men and women but, in real life situations, the most successful type of a sexy laugh is still a genuine one.

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