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The Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. We all heard this one before. But what does it mean? Of course, leaving your entire health into the hands of a stand-up comedian is not something that would be advised. You should go to a doctor if you’re feeling sick. Laughter is no alternative to medicine that the people in hospitals provide.

Joking aside, laughter, of course, is not meant to be an alternative to medicine and the first sentence of this article should not be taken too literally. However, there is some truth in it that’s worth discussing and learning about.

Everybody loves to laugh. I’ve never seen someone who’s sad while laughing. It’s simply inherent with fun. That’s why many people don’t see the connection between laughter and health.

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When we think about something that is good for us, we think spinach or tofu or something along that line. Let’s be absolutely honest here - we think of things that we don’t particularly like, or at least most of us don’t. But we like laughing, so how could that be good for us?

Well, this notion that things that we like are usually bad for us is the main one to blame. Sugar is bad for our teeth; watching television is bad for our sight; too much fast food is bad for our health; and the list goes on. And it’s a really long list. That’s why I’m particularly happy to say that laughter is an exception of this rule.

Laughter is good for you and fun. It has a lot of benefits, which we want to tell you about. Some of them you may already know or have experienced for yourself; others may be totally new to you, so we hope you’ll read through the entire list and see what laughter can do for you today.

Stress relief

Laughter is one of the best ways to get rid of stress that builds up in your mind. Having a good laugh can make you more relaxed and happy. Bad thoughts feel suddenly much tinier once you start laughing.

Laughter gets you relaxed

Even if you’re not solving some big problem, laughing is a great way to become generally relaxed. If you feel tense from work or anything else you’ve experienced over the week, try laughing during the weekend and you’ll be completely relaxed once the new week starts.

Improves blood pressure

Stress causes high blood pressure, which further can lead to heart issues and other vascular problems. Laughter and a healthy sense of humor can be a great preventive for these kinds of problems.

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You become much more empathetic

The possibility to feel someone else’s feelings may sound like a super hero power, but it is in fact something we regular humans have the ability to do. Of course, like with any other talent, some can use it better than others. If you’re laughing on a regular basis, you’re in touch with your emotions, which means that you have all the predispositions to feel someone else’s, as well.

You’re a much more inviting person

Laughing makes you more open to people, particularly to strangers. A friendly person is often defined by the characteristic of having a smile on his or her face. If you’re in a new environment, make sure to have a smile on your face and you’ll fit in much easier.

It’s a workout

Yes, laughing is a workout. The amount of muscles stimulated while laughing is easily comparable (and many do so) to sit-ups. Researchers have found out that when we laugh, our muscles don’t just get stimulated like when doing sit-ups, but with an even higher contraction rate. The muscles get stimulated every time you exhale air while laughing. Don’t believe me? Pay attention next time you laugh and watch what your abs do. You’ll be surprised.

Laughter helps you contemplate

With the stress-relieving factor of laughter we mentioned above comes another important aspect of laughter; contemplation. Have you ever had a problem you thought about for days and weeks, and seemingly no answer was in sight, until suddenly it hits you and get an epiphany. What if I told you that this epiphany can come much faster?

Contemplating about a problem you’re facing is only possible when you’re stress-free. That’s why great ideas hit you in the shower or when you go to sleep. Laugh and your problems will be resolved in a much more time effective way.

Laughter makes you more creative

When you feel relaxed and euphoric, ideas have the opportunity to flow into you. People who are creative laugh much more often than others, not because they have a lot more funny stuff on their mind, but because they are relaxed. Your see, laughing a lot is not the product of a greater creativeness; it’s often the other way around. Laughter relaxes you and, the same way problem-solving gets a lot easier, so does creativity and inspiration find it easier to stay in your head.

Laughing makes you happy

Wait, isn’t it the other way around? Yes, both is true. When we’re happy, we smile and laugh. When we smile and laugh, we get happier. This has to do with endorphin that is released in our brains when we laugh. This substance is similar to morphine as it causes a mild feeling of positive euphoria. This makes us happy and laughing keeps us happy. It’s a vicious circle, but one of the good ones.


As we’ve seen from these examples, laughter really is a wonder drug. It may not be able to cure diseases, but it certainly makes up for it by protecting our body and mind from stressing out and high blood pressure. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy method to boost your overall well-being, then laughter is the most natural way to do it. If you want to learn more about the effects of laughter, here at CrazyGiggles.US we have a number of articles that provide a great source for further research.

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