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What is laughter? And why we laugh?

Have you ever considered the reason why we laugh? At times when somebody laughs you find yourself smiling or laughing too. What is laughter and why do we laugh?

Two Beautiful Sisters Laughing Isolated on a Black Background.

This reminds me of an incident that happened when I was young. We had visitors at home and we were under strict instructions, from dad, not to make noise. I don’t know what crossed my sister’s mind but I think it is this thing that when you shouldn’t do something you find yourself more prone to do it. My naughty sister just drew close to me with this naughty grin on her face. I was ready to laugh even before she said anything. I knew I shouldn’t laugh but the idea of going against the rules was more fun! She proceeded to whisper something to me with added giggles and I couldn’t help myself. I was in stitches! I couldn’t even hide my head under anything! You should have seen my dad’s face! And even that produced even more laughter! Oh, my goodness! And when the visitors left? Haha!

I never sat next to my sister at parties. I didn’t like being embarrassed with people thinking we were laughing at them. Oh, my sister was terrible but she was so much fun! Does it make you wonder why we laugh? What is laughter?

One day a friend of mine came to tell me something but instead of saying what she wanted to say she just started laughing and laughing and laughing. When she opened her mouth to speak, only laughter came out. As I watched her I couldn’t help myself. I started to laugh too. And you know what, we laughed so hard for a good five minutes. Finally, when the laughter subsided, I asked her:

“What is it?”

The ridiculousness of that set us off again. How on earth did we laugh together so hard and all the time I actually didn’t know what I was laughing at! Even as I am writing this, I am in stitches of laughter! Oh my goodness! This thing called laughter! What is it?

When babies are born, within a week they start to smile in their sleep. And a few weeks down the line they even start giggling in their sleep. The fact that a baby can giggle or that an adult can laugh just by seeing another adult laugh is a miracle in itself. This is life force at play. Just smiling at someone produces an effect within that person. Yes, most people don’t think much about this but I see a miracle of life at play.

No one teaches a baby to smile or giggle. This, plus the fact that when we laugh another person responds with laughter too, means laughter is a language by itself. But whose language is it? Why is it spontaneous?

Laughter is the language of life itself. It is also a state of being. Below the radar of everything seen is activity we can’t see with our physical eyes but we can only deduce through it’s manifestations. The fact that someone’s laughter induces laughter in me even without that other person laying a hand on me to tickle me, means that there is a river of vibrations that connects us all. As someone vibrates as laughter that vibration flows through me and is similarly expressed as laughter. That means in that moment I become that which is laughter. I become part of the river of vibrations. I become part of some wholeness. Wholeness because everyone from infancy experiences laughter, making laughter a whole world on it’s own. That is the whole that connects everyone and manifests as laughter. So when I laugh I become part of that whole.

Why do we laugh? The answer is - to become part of the wholeness that makes us feel better and become rejuvenated. We laugh in order to become rejuvenated. It’s medication. Nature’s medication, nature’s therapy. Laughter is not a conscious choice but a natural code in place. This is why I said laughter is the language of life itself.

It is life force at play. It is an expression of joy that touches us from a non physical perspective. It touches us through vibration. It is a flow of life force tickling us. Making our bodies go into spasms, inducing life giving energy. When you are unhappy, it is impossible to laugh. when you are around people you don’t like, it is also impossible to laugh. Laughter has something to do with the best self. The part of you that creates the joyful part of your existence. This is Your Favourite Self. This part connects to us and others through vibrations hence the infectiousness of laughter.

Two cheerful multiethnic women lying outdoors and laughing

So why do we laugh? Laughter is the expression of the arrival of joy in one’s life. We laugh because we are happy and laughter is the vibration that expresses that joy.

When laughter happens the body is happier and becomes healthier . Laughter brings with it the tickle that makes us better physically and emotionally. This means laughter is regeneration itself. It carries the ingredients for happiness and renewal.

Laughter is a brilliant experience. it will add length to the days of man. It does a good thing for the species. Even hyenas do laugh!

Humans are better for it. No one likes a person who never laughs. The one who never laughs may be ten times better than the one who laughs but how can we trust him? He maybe a saint but he is a dark and suspicious one all for lack of laughter!

Laughter creates warmth and trust. It gives a feeling of vigour and well being and who doesn't need this!

Create a better life for yourself - stick with those who laugh and turn your back on those who do not open their mouth! Lol!
Be sure to have laughter right. All else is sure to come right. there is never a dull that is associated with laughter. We remember, we know, we dream of those who fill our days with good, hearty laughter. It is the central part to our remembrance of them. Laughter is the sharp tool that etches their memory forever.

Laughter is simply a flow, a domino effect - anoe good vibration for another of the same sort. people's hearts open and forever remember the tone, the facial expressions, the time and the place where laughter occurs. What a way to have someone remember you!

Have laughter, have it in the right place, right in the belly and let it flow through your mouth and after that you will be alright. Lol!

Never you ask, "What is laughter?"
Just do it, knowing why we laugh is a thing to be explored after!


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Danielle Pen Cherryvaise









Danielle Pen Cherryvaise

Author : The First Law Of Attraction

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